A budgeting app that helps you make better decisions

How it works

Ask before you buy

Enter the amount and category of an item you want to buy whenever you are considering to make a purchase.

Let us do the maths

By analyzing your bank account data and your spending patterns we can precisely predict what effect the purchase will have on your financial standing.

Make the choice

Based on our findings we will offer you choices like buying a similar item, saving for it, or adjusting your budget.

Stay informed

Based on your choice we will set up a savings goal for you, adjust your personal budget, or check for price drops and will always keep you updated.

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For people who often make spontaneous purchases and struggle to get their personal finances in order Finmill is a smart financial advisor that determines if a purchase can be afforded instantly by analyzing historical account data and predicting future cash flow.

Unlike traditional personal finance applications, Finmill provides personalized, prospective insights and offers quick actions to make informed financial decisions.

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